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Career Resources - books, articles, podcasts, and tools

Career Resources - books, articles, podcasts, and tools

The "Must Have" List

Identify what's absolutely essential for you in your job and career: Must Have List (Word doc)

Career Resources for Managers

Podcast - Who Will Lead?- Jennifer Mackin
Podcast - Radical Candor - Episode 14
Podcast - Meisha Rouser - Episode 22
Book - The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson
Book - First, Break All The Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman
Book - Adaptive Workplaces by Chris Creel
Webinar - Meaningful Conversations/ - Sarah Noll Willson
Book - Tell Me More - Michael Sherlock
Game - Cards Against Mundanity
Article - 15 Basic Tips - Balance Careers
Article - New Manager Mistakes - The Muse
Article - 7 Things To Do in Month One - Linkedin
Article - Questions for 1:1 Meetings
Article - Giving Better Feedback
Article - Running a Good 1:1 Meeting
Worksheet -Managing Up: Essential Skills for Success from Mary Abbajay

Career Resources for Individual Contributors

Book - Managing Up- Mary Abbajay
Worksheet -Managing Up: Essential Skills for Success (from Mary Abbajay
Book - Look Out Above- Bob and Nick Slater
Article - 121 Questions to ask in a 1:1 Meeting
Article - Questions to Ask Your Boss
Guidebook - Guide for handling online harassment by Kat Fukui

Learn from our Guests


Out of the Grind and Into the Flow - Alexis Pokorny Kahlow
The UnAmerican Dream - Carlos Hidalgo
Flat, Fluid, and Fast - Brynne Kennedy
Social Wealth- How to Build Extraordinary Relationships- - Jason Treu
Deep Listening- Impact Beyond Words - Oscar Trimboli
Surviving Business Travel-- Stephen Andert
Cracking the Federal Job Code - Corliss Jackson
A Woman With a Vision- - L'areal Lipkins
Leaders Deserve Better - Jennifer Mackin
Dare to Lead - Brene Brown
Look Out Above - Bob and Nick Slater
Pivot to Win - Jordan Babineaux
How to Communicate Effectively with Anyone, Anywhere - Dan Bullock and Raul Sanchez
Managing Up- - Mary Abbajay

The Working Mom Blueprint -Whitney Casares
When to say Yes -Don Khouri
Career Rehab by Kanika Tolver

Real Job Talk Learning Tracks

Job Search - Podcast Episodes

Starting a New Job Search
You Got The Interview, Now What?
Even After the Interview, You're Not Done
Surviving a Layoff
Negotiating Your Offer
Questions to Ask In Interviews
Career Change Perspective with Andrew Miller
Write a Resume to Get Past the Screeners with Katrina Kibben
How to Prepare for A Job Interview
Getting Federal Job Results with Corliss Jackson
Landing a Job in a Virtual World with Jason Levin
The Art of Quitting
How can you tell if your work place is toxic?
Job Search and Resume Tips from a Recruiter with Michele Olivier

Management - Podcast Episodes

Tips for New Managers
Building Teams with Trust
Leadership with Jennifer Mackin
Adaptive Workplaces with Chris Creel
How to Ask For a Raise
Leadership, Training and Neurodiversity with Sarah Noll Wilson
Building Teams with J. Mike Smith
Building a Human First Culture with Carlos Hidalgo
Coaching Through Change with Tracy Asamoah
Resilience and Mentoring with Phil Strazzulla
Building and Retaining Teams with Scott Loughmiller
Building Teams, Connections and Trust with Jason Treu
Divisiveness at Work

Career Development - Podcast Episodes

Setting Career/Work Goals
Vision/Goals/Rewards w L'areal Lipkins
Managing Up
Asking for What You Need at Work
How to Ask For a Raise
Ever Work With a Real A-hole?
Burnout Advice with Chris Gaither
Imposter Syndrome with Amy Lewis
Overlapping Circles of Career and Parenting with Kim Lindauer
Working From Home
Finding a Career Peer with Emily Kurze Nate Kartchner
Building Your Personal Brand and Evolving with Carla Birnberg
Should I Quit My Job To Become a Consultant?
Quitting Your Job to Balance Multiple Roles with Adam Bertram
Imposter Syndrome- withJoep Piscaer
Pivot to Win - with Jordan Babineaux
Build Solid Professional Relationships
Being a Woman in Tech - with Kat Cosgrove
Overcoming Fear and Doubt in your Career
Getting Productive -with Don Khoury
Realities of Working Parents - with Whitney Casares
Career Rehab with Kanika Tolver
Be Prepared For Networking!

Communication at Work - Podcast Episodes

Managing Up
Asking for What You Need at Work
Diversity and Open Conversations with David Campt
How to Ask For a Raise
Active Listening
Mindfulness at Work with Alexis Pokorny
Oversharing at Work
What to do if Your Boss is Unethical
Deep Listening with Oscar Trimboli
How can you tell if your workplace is toxic?
Telling Your Story
Divisiveness at Work
When a Colleague Quits
Going Back to the Office