Episode 63: Pivot to Win with Jordan Babineaux


June 1st, 2021

37 mins 18 secs

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Welcome to Real Job Talk, Jordan Babineaux! Jordan was an NFL player for 10 years, is a sports broadcaster, runs serveral businesses, is receiving his MBA, and is a true entrepreneur. Jordan joins us to talk about his new book, Pivot to Win, and we ask him all about pivoting towards both success and happiness.

Jordan defines leadership as being a facilitator: how do I bring the best out of other people and get different people aligned to the same goal? Jordan sees routine as a key to his success and it helps him to focus and avoid distractions. He sets goals each day in order to move things forward.

Jordan thinks a lot about how he starts and ends his day. He starts his day by reading, working out, and praying, yoga, or meditation. He encourages people to start with baby steps of focusing on self, and doing 5 minutes of mindfulness a day. For his wind down, depending on activities with his kids, he leaves behind his tech and gadgets and spends uninterrupted time with his family, and he makes sure to turn off his phone an hour before bed.

Change can mean a shift in identity. You need to recognize it and start getting ready to pivot before you do it, as you can. Jordan started commentating before his 10th season in the NFL.

Pivots happen daily between work and home, from one meeting to another…. Jordan creates a quick buffer zone between different activities in order to leave one behind and focus on the next as his best self.

Jordan’s pivoting model has 5 steps:

  1. Recognize change (planned or unplanned) and how you can leverage your skills to achieve what you want.
  2. Declare where you’re going.
  3. Ground zero: see where you are.
  4. Courage: fight imposter syndrome as you move through the change.
  5. Transform: act in your purpose.

Jordan likes Susan Scott’s book called Fierce Conversations about tackling tough challenges and enriching relationships through them.

Growth mindset is a highly valued skill in the workplace, and Jordan teaches us about having a growth mindset in order to build your career, and how a fixed mindset can hold you back.

We asked Jordan about preparing to pivot. We talk about being uncomfortable and wanting to leave a place better than you found it. Jordan asks himself these questions: Did I do something for myself? Did I do something for others? Did I do something for the community? These questions ground him in his higher purpose and keep him focused on his goals.

Like Brene Brown, Jordan Babineaux believes leaders should be vulnerable and share their powerful thoughts on vulnerability. That's a key piece of leadership, even though it’s scary. He encourages leaders to step out, be their real self ,and ask their team for help when they need it. All relationships should have reciprocity, and by trusting your people you build a reciprocal relationship.

Why did Jordan write the book? Because he saw how he was able to grow through change and how his self-awareness helped him through change, and he wanted to share with others. If you mix accountability with self-awareness, you’re more powerful.

Jordan knew his football self was an "alpha male," but he went to therapy, learned his triggers, and became a better self to be better in business.

Thanks to Jordan Babineaux for joining us on Real Job Talk!

Book : (Pivot to Win:Make The Big Plays In Life, Sports & Business)[https://www.amazon.com/Pivot-Win-Plays-Sports-Business-ebook/dp/B08TB7MZBD
Book website: (www.pivottowin.com)[https://www.pivottowin.com]
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