Episode 15: Questions to ask in a job interview


July 16th, 2019

27 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

A lot of the job interview is other people asking you questions. But we've always told you that you should be asking them questions as well! But our bad -- we tell people to ask questions, but we didn’t help them figure them out what to ask. Oops!

This epsiode takes you through some of our thoughts and advice around making the interview a two-way street.

Look at your must-have list that you made after you heard episode #2, and ask questions that make sure your must have lists are met.

Listen to the answers- pay attention- it will save you headaches.

Don’t just ask the boss, ask peers and others.

The recruiter should have basic information- especially if they are an inside recruiter. Save your manager style/deeper questions for later. But, know WHO the recruiter is, and that they will know high level info, but not the bits and bytes.

We help you figure out what questions to ask each person on the interview panel, and which question to ask more than once.

Look at the mission and values of the company and ask questions around how they are embedded in the company culture and processes. Ask the why and the how and hear the answers. “We value diversity” is a broad statement. “We do these 10 things to ensure diversity” is a specific answer.

When to talk about comp, and who to talk to about comp….when you get the offer is the time to talk about the more detailed pictures around comp, comp processes etc.

Ask the questions that will make sure that you will be happy in the job, and that the job will play to your strengths.

Culture questions should be asked to everyone. What do people say? What does the space say about the company? Where do people think the company is going? What would you change? What surprised you after you started?

Finding out strengths, weaknesses, what success looks like in the job, and what people would change tells you more about what it’s really like to work there every day. It also tells you if the stakeholders in the job see the job similarly.

Write down your questions and the answers to be able to review later. If you forget questions, include them in the thank you note (that you WILL be sending).