Episode 11: Negotiating Your Offer


May 21st, 2019

39 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Do you talk about compensation in the job talk process?

Quick answer- YES! Don't game the process- be clear on what you want.

Holding back information puts you at a disadvantage with your offer- it will end up with low results until they know what you expect.

Answer the question with what you WANT to make- what it will take for you to sign on the bottom line.

How do you find out what you're worth? Ask ex-colleagues, do research online....and look at the whole package and the whole package value, not just base compensation. Total compensation is key.

Do men negotiate differently from women? We talk about negotiating and not backing down.

If your role has negotiation as a part of the job, BE PREPARED TO NEGOTIATE, or you may lose the offer.

Behind the scenes tip: when negotiating- there's a good cop and bad cop with the recruiter and hiring manager. Try to figure out who is who.

What can you negotiate and what can't you negotiate in terms of the offer? Base, sign-on and equity are negotiable, but health care plans etc are not.

More pro tips:
Are you prepared to walk?
Is taking a compensation cut ok? Sometimes.
Have you asked the right questions at the end to make sure it's the right job?
If you're not working, they probably won't negotiate with you.

Be clear on your bottom line, and know they may say no. And be ok with walking if your bottom line is one of your non-negotiable.

We talk about options vs stock, and what that means for your compensation package.

Say why you want what you want. Give data when negotiating. Whatever your reasoning, put it out there so that they can see why you're worth what you say you're worth.

Do you negotiate more than one offer at a time? We answer about who you negotate hard with and how to handle a multiple offer situation.

We talk about the implications of accepting an offer and then not starting- we help you think through that decision.
Sales compensation....how it changes.....