Episode 19: Building a Human-First Culture - Carlos Hidalgo


September 10th, 2019

37 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

Welcome Carlos!!

Carlos tells us his background from non-profit to marketing to consulting. He talks through how giving it all to his business and not nourishing his relationships led to burnout, which made him re-start his career and write The UnAmerican Dream.

What is a human first culture? Thinking about employees as people, not assets. We think about what causes behavior, and then figure out what drives people to bring out their best. When you set expectations, care about people and trust them, you bring out the best. People who don’t thrive in your culture will usually self-select, or be managed out.

What does human-first look like in different size companies? It starts at the top. And, if non human-first behavior isn’t accepted by the top, and is called out, it will permeate the whole organization.

Mistakes are learning opportunities. We can’t build cultures where you can’t make mistakes, or your won’t grow.

Enable values and allow people to give the best of themselves at work. Use the golden rule to know how to turn the ship and empower managers. Remember that culture change can take up to 3 years, so set milestones. Start with surveying your people to know what THEY want. When someone joins, see what their aspirations are, and set a path for them to get there.

Does everyone at your company know your values? Are they consistent? Do they drive behavior? If not, your employees won’t see you as authentic.

We ask about Carlos’ early career vs human first. He was driven by ego, and now is driven by purpose of helping others.

What about pressure to sustain who you have? If everyone has an empowered role, the whole machine will work together to build the business. We need to take our ego out of building our professions and then we can be more purpose driven.

Ways to assess company culture to see if it’s human first? Ask about how many emails are received after 6pm that can’t wait to response. Company policy on remote work. Is it ok to go to your kids’ events? Carlos tells us his balance practices and how he keeps himself human first. He sets self-care targets.

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