Liz Bronson

Co-Host of Real Job Talk

Liz Bronson is the owner of Liz Bronson Consulting- a recruiting company helping mostly tech start-up teams maximize their hiring processes by identifying the right roles, asking the right questions, and collecting the important feedback to make the best hire. Liz is passionate around designing authentic, candidate-centric recruiting processes that match a company's culture. Since starting the company in 2013, her clients have included companies like Pulumi, Zugata, SignalFx, Evernote and Hasura. Liz also does individual career and general management coaching. Before being independent, Liz worked for 9 years at VMware building their Product Management and Marketing teams and was also a part of the HR team at Barclays Global Investors.

In San Francisco, Liz met her husband, Erick, and after their daughter was born, they moved to Austin where, less than 2 years later, their son was born. When she's not working or making memories with her family, Liz is active with Generation SERVE, a local nonprofit providing children with opportunities to volunteer, going on new adventures, cooking, exercise, laughing with friends and getting lost in a good novel.

Liz Bronson has hosted 95 Episodes.