Kathleen Nelson Troyer

Co-Host of Real Job Talk

Kat is the CEO of Jigsaw Solutions, Inc. where she works with companies as an organizational development consultant, team and career coach. Kat started her career in staffing and Human Resources working for Charles Schwab, Barclays Global Investors, Spirent Communications, Cloudera and several technology start -up companies. Kat's focus today is helping companies build and retain strong teams with constructive cultures. Kat practices and coaches her clients how to have a growth mindset to facilitate desired change in their work and careers. She is a firm believer that each individual is the CEO of their career and lives.

Kat lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her fabulous husband John, and their two cats. She loves to cook, hike and travel. She’s fascinated with dolphins and whales, and has had the opportunity to swim with them in Hawaii and Tonga. She strives to live a peaceful, joyful, and meaningful life with lots of laughter!

Kathleen Nelson Troyer has hosted 94 Episodes.