Episode 9

Guest: Chris Gaither - Burnout Advice Around Reinventing Yourself


April 18th, 2019

51 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

Liz and Kat introduce Chris (who Liz has known forever!).

We talk about human sustainability and reflection on staying healthy within the work that you do. We discuss feeling stuck and working past it.

Advice around listening to that "wise voice inside yourself". Our brains and bodies have a lot of wisdom in them, and we need to listen.

We talk about burnout, signs on burnout and how to listen to what's happening from our physical, emotional and happiness perspectives, and how to take care of ourselves.

Quiet time: great stuff happens in quiet. Even to people who aren't Northern CA hippies.

Setting the example of leadership on teams in making time for your family.

Chris gives his answer around the difference between therapists, life coaches and career coaches. How all ask questions and find answers inside, but also coach people around how to handle events in our lives.

We talk about digital detoxes, which only Chris and Kat have done (but Liz wants to). We go into the why and how of doing a digital detox and give some tips. Chris is mid-detox based on the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. Showing how to set rules around technology during a detox and be kind to yourself throughout.

We bring it back to jobs and careers and how to be thoughtful about our career through being mindful in our lives.

Chris Gaither can be reached via his website and on Twitter at @cgaither