Episode 18: Conferences, Parties, and Events


August 25th, 2019

37 mins 11 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

In this episode we’re talking about the fun stuff at work. Parties, conferences….the not in the office “fun times”. What do I need to remember- what’s the difference between having fun and too much fun?

Conferences, off-site gatherings, Club/kickoffs.

General rules across all off-site/off-hours rules:

IT”S A WORK EVENT! Keep your “work mask” on. Keep behavior appropriate and professional.
Alternate water and cocktails
Don’t drink too much-
Network- think of it as an opportunity to get to know other people at your company. Not just your friends.
Don’t be the ruiner of the fun.
Thank the bosses and event planner. Give gratitude and kindness. Also, tell +1s how great their significant others are.

Every company has at least one a year. We recommend companies offer transportation, or incentivizes designated drivers.

Who do you talk to? As many people as possible. Must talk to your boss, and as far up the org chart as you’ve met. Keep it light, and talk about the party. Be charming and don’t take a lot of their time. It’s not the time to talk shop, go for a raise etc….POSITIVE SMALL TALK ONLY.

Touch the people you work with- especially cross functionally. Extra points if you introduce new people so that they have more contacts throughout the company.


When you’re at a conference on behalf of your employer, you are working! Make sure you keep each of your commitments. When you don’t show up for booth duty or to places you need to be, it can impact your work reputation.

Great opportunity to network, and learn about other companies and roles for your future- when you’re making first impressions, you need to be at your best.

Go to evening events, and remember that you are representing your professional self. Learn. Be curious. Go to sessions. Network with speakers. If you spend all of your time schmoozing, you may be missing out on opportunities to move your career forward.

If you’re looking for a new job, be sly if you’re looking for other roles. Table job search conversations until “next week” or be discreet and don’t let down your team mates to further your career.

Sales Kick-Offs/Club Trips

They are not a vacation. On club trips, the significant other needs to be in work/networking roles too. You’re there to make the employee look good. Be positive. Be grateful. Be likable, and encourage your SO to go to everything. You’re there to be networking. You don’t want your behavior to be talked about. Don’t be too snarky. It might be boring, but pretend it’s not.

If you can, take a day or two after events to have a real vacation.

Stay positive, even if you are leaving the company in 2 weeks. Negative nellies are noticed. Shower in the morning. Don’t be the smelly person in the conference room who stinks like last night’s luau.

Stay caught up on incoming work- don’t get too far behind and handle urgent emails.

Bottom line- fun events are still work events, and you want to be professional at work. Party in your personal life, and build your personal, professional brand at work (while also showing that you know how to have fun). Good luck!