Episode 75: How to give notice at a new job


November 23rd, 2021

10 mins 8 secs

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About this Episode

We have a listener question!!! We got a great email from a global listener that we had to record right away (we sent them the raw recording). The letter was as follows:

Hi ladies
I have recently discovered this podcast and it has already helped me so much.

I am a lawyer. I began working at a firm run by two people that I know very well and have a long (20 year) history with. Prior to accepting this role, I had another 6 week stint at a smaller law firm, but left that role to work here. 7 weeks into starting this new role I have the opportunity to interview at a large industrial company - a job that I desperately want, and which is out of practising law - something else I desperately want. This role offers double the salary, gym benefits, car leasing, health insurance - basically everything I could need.

My question to you is: how do I quit a job that I have only just started!? I want to do the right thing by the people I know, but this opportunity is too good to pass up.
Send help!
Thank you,

First, we thank Janet for writing in and using her Board of Advisors (which now we’re on!). We tell her to follow her heart and dreams, and if she gets the job go for it.

Then we remind Janet that she needs to figure out IF this is her ideal job, so she needs to really do some work on her must-have list. The reason is that we want Janet to figure out what she’s running towards and what she’s running from. To make a pivot, especially from something like law that takes a lot of time and education, is a big tough decision. We tell her to really be clear on her values and align them with the new company.

Right now the job has rose-covered glasses and a gym membership, but those will fade and since you’ve recently made a move, we want this job to stick, and if values aren’t aligned it won’t.

For Janet, she will need to quit a job where she was just hired by people who she’s known for 20 years. We assume they wanted to work with her and we want her to leave the conversation with them happy for her, but disappointed for themselves.

Tell them how great they are and how much you like working with them, and that you were not looking but the perfect opportunity came to you and you took it. List out the comp, benefits, move from law and why you couldn’t refuse this offer. Make sure they can look at the opportunity through your eyes and that this isn’t about them but it is about your happiness.

Most importantly, try your best to find and train your replacement. This means asking the new job to give you more time before you start in order to not leave your new role in a lurch. Whatever you can do to help your replacement is what you want to do with sincerity. You’re reaching out to your connections, posting the role, and making a public effort to find someone new.

If you quit with sincerity, show people your path, and do your best to find and train your replacement, you will preserve your relationships. Assess the opportunity and follow your dreams, Janet!