Episode 1

Careers, jobs, and recruiters -- what's this podcast all about?


December 20th, 2018

32 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

Meet the hosts! Guest MC John Mark Troyer interviews the two hosts of the podcast, Liz Bronson and Kathleen Nelson Troyer, about their backgrounds and what this podcast is all about - jobs, careers, and what doesn't get said at the water cooler. They talk about their backgrounds, including stints in-house and indepdent recruiters, HR professionals, career coaches, and entrepreneurs).

John then leads our intrepid hosts on a lightning round of questions he has about getting a job and working with recruiters. We all are not very good at sticking to short answers for the lightning round. We briefly cover mentorships, applying to everything you see, job descriptions, compensation, leqving a job quickly, the role of recruiters, counteroffers, resumes, cover letters, and why a company goes silent in a job search.

Episode Links

  • Geek Whisperers Podcast — The Geek Whisperers discussed tech careers, tech communities and evangelism, and marketing to geeks, ending with episode 140 in 2017. Your hosts were Amy Lewis (@commsninja), Matt Broberg (@mbbroberg), and John Mark Troyer (@jtroyer).